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Mould & die Machines

ME Mould & Die Engraving Machine

Type: MEII 4242SQ

 MEⅡ-4242SQ is a classical CNC metal processing machine released in 2010 by ROC-MESE (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Its fully enclosed, has a double column stand, whole cast frame, and linear guide to guarantee excellent rigidity. It comes with German ball screw, high speed double CPU-CNC control system, imported servo driver & motor, a MPG hand held controller and a 1.5kw spindle, which can satisfy most mould making requirements. It is suitable for mould injections, heat transfer moulds, press moulds, and other copper and EDM moulds. When equipped with the fourth axis, it can be used to make a knurling wheel, rolling knife mould, gasket mould and other special moulds.

Technical Parameters

Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. Final parameters to be solely determined by ROC-MESE.


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